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ROB DALLIMORE B.H.Sc Podiatrist, Triathlete, Ironman ? New Zealand, Hawaii

"I was introduced to Cramp-Stop while training for the 2005 New Zealand Ironman. Up until that point I thought cramp was just something that you had to get used to and hope not to get on race day. Now with Cramp-Stop I find that if I begin to cramp during a race I am able to relieve the symptoms easily and rapidly. It is great to have it on hand for any training or race day. Cramp is something you don't want to have affecting your performance. A lot of people suffer from cramp, the smart ones use Cramp-Stop" "

IAN PURDIE Hawaii Ironman 2005 ? published in NZ Multisport Magazine

"With each turn of the cranks I can feel the insidious cramps taking a stronger hold. I realise to my horror that even if I stopped I wouldn’t be able to get off the bike and stretched it out. I would be fused to the deck. I reach for my trusty Cramp-Stop, spray a liberal dose and pray. Five seconds later I’m licking my chops and looking forward to more action in the lava fields. I could sell this stuff for thousands on the Queen K today, but I stuff it back in my pocket and mutter “My Precious”. "

AIDEN CRAIG Southern Traverse, Coast-to-Coast, Eco-Challenge, Head-to-Head, Kepler Challenge, Peak-to-Peak

"I have had lots of problems in the past with cramps and nothing I've tried has relieved it so quickly as the CRAMP-STOP spray. It relieved my cramp instantly... Halfway up Goat Pass in the Coast-to-Coast I had severe cramps in my thighs. The formula let me keep going while in past years I've had to stop several times."

GEOFF HUNT Southern Traverse Coordinator, Eco-Challenge, Raide Gauloise, Mild Seven, Coast-to-Coast

"We could easily isolate the effectiveness of this remedy during the hypnotic effect of 12 hours of flat canoe paddling. The team would be nearly asleep and after one dose of SLEEP MONSTER they would be alert and back into the rhythm again. We were all exhausted by this stage of the race and would not have got through this leg without using it every half an hour."

FIONA HALL '96 & '97 Eco-Challenge, Southern Traverse, Mild Seven

"SLEEP MONSTER really seemed to help when we were fighting sleep. It was a wake-up when we really needed it. I found it particularly useful in the canoe section where the calm water and Geoff's stories were putting me to sleep!"